Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vsetko najlepsie k narodeninam mami!!

dufame ze budes mat krasny den, zabavu a dobry kolac :o). Mrzi nas ze nemozeme oslavovat s Vami vsetkymi ale skoro to vsetko dobehneme!! Lubime Ta velmi a si ta najlepsia mamina (a svokra) na celom svete a nemozeme Ti dakovat dostatocne za vsetko co pre nas robis. Uz sa nemozeme dockat kedy sa zasa uvidime! Vsetko najlepsie k Tvojim narodeninam :o))

S laskou,
Ryan, Erika a Coby

100 Reasons why I love my wife! :-)

100 Reasons why I love my wife!

She is my best friend
She is the most beautiful girl in the world
She loves me for who I am
She loves my family
She has a great family which I love
She is a wonderful mother
She is a wonderful cook
She is a wonderful cleaner-up-after-ryan
She is kind
She is loving
She is patient
She is forgiving
She is thoughtful
She makes one great breakfast
She cares about all animals and humans
She loves the Lord
She keeps me in line
She is my sweetheart
She is my support in time of need
She is my Slovakian Princess
She is my true love
She always thinks about what I want to do
She always knows how to make me laugh
She always knows what to say
She will move 5 times a year to allow me to do my job
She is thrifty
She has the same goals as I do
She is an angel sent from God
She is easy to do nothing with
She loves to watch my guy shows along with a little Sci-fi
She doesn't mind getting dirty to get the job done
She loves service
She is very clean
She makes me look good
She motivates me to become a better dad and person
She helps me whenever I need help
She lets me dream
She helps me achieve those dreams
She is a dreamer herself
She is chaste
She is a little wild sometimes
She puts me in my place when I'm acting up
She has eyes that have no comparison
She lets me play my video games
She lets me hang out with my bro
She allows me guy time
She allows me to be myself
She has the figure of a supermodel
She IS a supermodel!!
She is MY supermodel!!!!
She has the purest heart anyone could ask for
She has the most beautiful hair
She has the smoothest hands
She has the sweetest kisses
She has the warmest hugs
She allows me to make stupid sounds
She laughs at my stupid sounds
She is the only person who when tickling me makes me laugh
She loves me more than Coby
She always cuts my hair perfectly
She has a sweet soul
She knows when I'm sad
She speaks my language (both of them)
She doesn't complain
She knows how to decorate
She helps me dress myself nicely
She hasn't thrown out my old shirts
She is never boring
She tries new things
She never gives up
She loves snowboarding just like me
She loves hockey and has taught me well
She helped establish the Pettersson family
She buys me yummy things
She bought me a treadmill to run off those yummy things
She loves to snuggle
She loves to let me sleep
She acknowledges how hard I work
She helps support me when I sell
She sends the sweetest text messages
She saves my sweet text messages
She leaves the sweetest voice mails
She is the one and only
She is a rare commodity
She is MY rare commodity :-)
She is priceless
She is NOT for sale!
She sacrifices so much for me
She does not need the newest things
She never forgets my love for her
She is a pinky-boo!
She is an oinky-poink!
She completely honest with me
She changes my toothbrush on the electric toothbrush thingy
She has sacrificed so much the last 8 months
She is about to do me the biggest favor
She is about to have my Child!
She makes my life easy
She is MY wife
She is Erika Pettersson!!