Sunday, July 18, 2010


Splash park - video

If there is anything I love it's watching Kaylee laugh and have fun. I loved yesterday because that's all she did.

Splash park

Oh how Kaylee loves water. Drinking it, going to the pool and just lounging in it or running through it, she loves it all. I took her to the splash park yesterday and as I suspected it was a success :o)


Mani & Pedi

As I told you in the previous post, my daughter watches EVERYTHING I do and that goes for doing my nails and toe nails as well.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going solo

I always get excited when Kaylee learns something new, especially when I don't take an extra effort to show her how to do it and she learns on her own because it's amazing to me how much she observes but on the other hand it makes me sad because I feel like she doesn't need me anymore. I know she does, but it just makes me sad seeing her growing up so fast....anyway I never really showed her or thought her how to feed her self with a fork, well she has been watching me do it for like a year now, but I almost never let her do it by herself because I didn't want to clean up the mess after she was done. I would just stick the food on the fork for her and let her put it in her mouth by herself but lately she has been doing great without my help. There is hardly any mess left, only a piece or two on the ground. She has been eating like this for some time now but I just now recorded it. I'm proud of her

Crocodile whisperer

So since the weather here is unbearable we go to the pool almost every day. It's not really refreshing because the water is so warm it feels like you are in your own bath tub but it gives us something to do and Kaylee loves it. She has a floaty she doesn't care about at all, because her friend Brody brought this cool guy to the pool. He was nice enough to let Kaylee play with it ( and even if he didn't I don't think he would stand a chance because Kaylee started to scream "NO" at everyone that got too close to her and the crocodile.....anyway, she does look super duper cute with it!

She dragged the thing everywhere....

Keeping up the good work

I love this stage Kaylee is in right now. She watches me do EVERYTHING and repeats it right after me. She loves to change the trash bag, empty the dishwasher (she takes everything out and puts in on the floor or hands everything to me and I put it where it belongs. Team work :o) ), take the laundry out of the dryer, sweep and mop the floor, wash the dishes in the sink and plenty more. Here is my helper sweeping the balcony for me:


Summer lovin

Ryan works like a horse of course, what's new there. Kaylee enjoys having him home that much more. She cries every day when he opens the door because she knows she won't see him for a long time after he closes it behind him. I let her stay up late until he gets home so she can kiss him good night and oh does she love "daddy kisses".


Good old south...It is terribly HOT down here every single day and I'm not even going to get into that "humid" part of it. Anyway, with all of that "hot" and "humid" comes a lot of "nasty" and "big". Bugs that is.

I know know if you can see it well but that white circle thing right from that bug has a house key attached to it so you can imagine how big this bad boy was....ew.

Bath time = FUN

Kaylee has always enjoyed taking baths. She still does, but we try to get different toys and things to make it interesting so she doesn't get bored. I think we are doing a good job ;o)