Monday, September 15, 2008

The Alamo

Since we were in Utah the weekend before, we didn't really have a chance to go on a date or anything because we had a lot of stuff to take care of and Ryan had his meetings....Anyway we had a "date weekend" this past weekend and I absolutely loved it!! Ryan still had to work on Saturday but we went out for dinner after he got home to this pretty good Italian restaurant and made it to the movie afterwards as well :o))
Anyway, we still had one more day to spend time together and I love nothing more that that! So we decided to go downtown and see the famous Alamo.

It was a beautiful day and we had a great time and relaxed a little by walking around and enjoying each others company. The garden there was just so pretty that I had to take pictures which was I guess a little annoying for Ryan because I was taking pictures of him every step we made and also he told me to stop it after a while ha ha. Well here is few I took before he took the camera away from me ha ha!

And here is a few pictures of me that me dear sweetheart took once he got the camera to his hands :o)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you honey....

I drove out to see Ryan on his break today so we could have some lunch/dinner together. It was raining a little earlier but the rest of the day it's just hot. He was waiting for me in the middle of this kind of poor neighborhood where there is nothing like a gas station or a store somewhere close walking distance. We went to Subway together and I could see how great it was for him to take a break, cool off a little a just relax. He was sweating out there (and still is) and mosquito's were biting him as he was walking outside....I just feel so bad for him and it breaks my heart to see him like that....I got to go home like half an hour latter to watch TV and do whatever I want and Ryan had to go back out there for another 4 hours. I'm so very much in love with him because he is just working so hard for our little growing family without any complains. I'm so blessed to have him in my life, to love me so much and to do his best for us. I can't even explain how happy I am to be married to such a great man. He always spends time with me and always unselfishly asks me what I want to do or where do I want to go just to make me happy even though there are things he wants to do for himself because he doesn't have time to do them during the day because he is working. I have the whole day to myself to do whatever and he still wants to give me more and more....So I just want to say thank you honey for being the best husband I could ever ask for, for loving me, trusting me, for working so hard for us, for trying to be better and better every day and making me happier than I ever thought I could be. You are my everything, I love you very much and I always will. I appreciate all you do for us and will try to support you more in your job and complain less about it :o) I want you to know that I can't wait to have a baby with you and I hope she/he will be very much like you! Sweet, loving, caring, giving, selfless, funny and super super cute :o) I love you and thank you once again. You are the best!!!!!!

with love the luckiest girl on Earth,
Erika Pettersson

Monday, September 8, 2008

Utah trip

We got to go to Utah for a couple of days this past weekend and I absolutely loved it!!! Ryan had some meetings at work so he was busy on Friday and most of Saturday and I got to spend some time with my little sis Petra who was so nice to let me spend the night at her place on Friday, made super yummy breakfast for me the next morning and even gave up her bed for me and slept on the couch....How nice of her! I miss her already. We went out for lunch, stopped at the mall of course and bought some cute things and watched movies. I enjoyed it very much. Ryan was done on Sat night so we hang out with his cousins for the rest of our trip and had a great time. But everything has to come to end and so did our trip. We are back in hot San Antonio now and can't wait to go back home soon.

Our final destination - SA

Yes, we have moved again...For the third time in last 5 months. Ugh! But thank goodness, San Antonio is our final destination before we get to go back to Utah so we "only" have one more move ahead of us. That one will happen in 5 weeks so I didn't even bother to unpack all of our stuff. The good thing is that we got another car while we were in Austin so we won't be so stuffed with all of our stuff in one car and this time we'll be able to put the seat back while naping on that loooong drive back. What a luxury!!

Austin-State Capital

As many of you know we weren't staying in Austin for much longer so we had to see the State Capital before we were out of there. We went one beautiful Saturday evening and had a good time walking around downtown Austin.

I didn't know that in the park down there were these cute little squirrels or I would have come more prepared with some yummy nuts and treats for them....Maybe next time. We found some nuts on the ground tho and took a few pictures with these friendly little guys.

And finaly the State Capital. It's really nice and the inside is open to public so we got to go in and cool of a little :o)