Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking back at her first steps

I'm not sure why I haven't uploaded this video 6 months ago when it was actually new and fresh, but I want to catch up on updates on the girls too and don't want to leave this one out. 
Here is miss Khloe at 10 1/2 months walking. You can tell she just learned to walk and I just love it. 


We were visiting Ryan's parents in Texas before the summer started and decided to go to SixFlags since it wasn't too hot yet and Kaylee was finally tall enough to go on quite few rides and boy did she have a good time! We'll have to go back sometime soon.

 Helping little sister walk around. Khloe was 10 months and started walking about a week before we went so Kaylee wanted to make sure she didn't fall. 

 Riding with daddy

 Cooling off. Those things are lifesavers


 Kaylee's favorite thing at the ZOO. Feeding the ponies.

 Two monkeys watching the monkey. 

 Kaylee and her best friend in Monroe, Mackenzie.

I feel bad that Khloe is not in any of these picutes. She did come with us of course, she was just in the stroller the majority of the time...sorry boo. I'll do better next time!