Friday, November 4, 2011

5 months

Happy 5 months Khloe girl.
I love you so much more Khloe, then I did when I was writing your 4 month post. You are still one happy baby that LOVES to eat, take a bath and cuddle. You love rice cereal, bananas and pears. You flew all the way to Europe and took your first trip do Disneyland Paris this month. You met your very first cousin that's only one week older than you for the first time and I think you liked each other. You also got to meet your sweet auntie Petra for the first time, uncle Brian, grandma and grandpa Jurcakovi, great grandma Ana and lots of other extended family members. You still sleep through the night and have no teeth yet. You sit all by yourself with no help and you laugh so loud and cute when daddy kisses your neck. You are perfect and we all love you so much.
Happy 5 months babe. I love you!!!