Monday, August 25, 2008

The bats!!

My dear husband suggested that we go downtown one night and watch the bats under the bridge there. I'm not a fan of those nasty flying things at all but what wouldn't I do for him right? So we went last night, I survived and Ryan was glad he could've seen them and take a picture as well. There was thousands of them!I have to say that I kinda like them if I don't have to look at them, because Ryan informed me that they eat insect which I hate more than anything in the world so they are doing me a favor....They could just look a little better right?

Baby bump

And here is the big reveal! Baby bump is finaly there! We still don't know the gender of our little one but will let you know as soon as we find out!

Austin ZOO

As I mentioned before, I just love animals and since we are moving at the end of this week to San Antonio, we had to go visit the Austin ZOO before we leave. Well, it's not really the type of ZOO most of us are use to.It's a non profit organization where they take animals after the Animal Rescue rescued them from abusive owners or places where they were before so obviously, it's not super fancy and nice but still it's my favourite one :o). I just think it's so nice of them to do this for all those nice, sweet creatures. And they have quite few of them too! Like 4 different kinds of monkeys, tigers, lions, parrots, deers, snakes, lamas....A lot.

They also sell a bag of dry food at the entrance so you can feed the goats, lamas and deers. That was my favourite part!! We went to see the goats first, but they seemed to be very inpatient when it came to waiting for us to take more food out of the bag, so one of them sticked it's head out and grabed the whole bag out of Ryan's hands! You should've seen the fight for it after it landed on the ground!

After that "accident" we moved over to those sweet little deers and I can tell you they were a lot more gentle when it came to eating the food out of our hands. We just enjoyed that so much!
But it really was hot outside so we decided to take a break and try one of those yummy Ice cones they were offering. Boy did it feel good to chew on some flavoured ice in that heat!
We finished the tour and headed back home. It was a fun weekend and I loved to spend some time with Ryan! Now I can't wait to go explore the Sea World in San Antonio soon!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our life now - TX

Last few posts were about our last summer and pretty much about our life since we got married. We are selling security systems ( I mean Ryan is..) this summer as well. We started off in Indianapolis like last year (where I got pregnant :o) yay! ) , but moved down to Austin, TX a month ago.It was raining in Indianapolis like crazy most of the time and the weather here is a lot better for selling so Ryan is doing a lot better and is not soaked all day ( I'm dying but that's a whole another story....) But it is the end of August again and we should be packing and get ready to head back to UT but my husband came up with the idea of taking this semester only online classes (which made me so happy because I thought that we would have more time together since we don't get to do much during the summer) and do the extended program until the mid October....ugh!! Like I don't have enough of it in these 4 months!! But, I love Ryan to death and what wouldn't I do for him right? So I woke up from my dream of being around our family and friends anytime soon and I'm getting us ready to move to San Antonio for the next month and a half. Yes, we are moving for the 3rd time this summer. How wonderful...But I'm with Ryan and that's what's important so I shouldn't complain right? Well I won't anymore. We didn't take any pictures since we got here so that's why I'm not posting any, but I have a little baby bump already and will show you soon! I just have to wait for Ryan to get home and take some shots of us ;o))

Good times in Provo

End of August came by and our summer in Indiana came to the end. It was a good experience for both of us (Ryan was success full with his job and I got a dog out of it! ) and it was time to get back to Utah and for Ryan to start BYU again. I was living in Park City when we were dating so we drove up and down Provo Canyon almost everyday ( I think it actually was everyday) It's very pretty there so we just stopped for a nice walk and took some of these pics.

Indianapolis Zoo

While selling security systems in Indianapolis, my sweet Ryan always made some time in his busy schedule to take me somewhere fun so we can enjoy each other a little bit during the summer. This time we went to the Indianapolis Zoo and had a blast. I love animals so I was like a little kid running around and having a great time. We got to see the dolphin show, pet some little sharks and most importantly spend time with each other...

Chicago-summer 2007

So, while we were spending our summer working in Indianapolis, we decided that it would be nice to take a little brake from all of it and drive up to Chicago for a weekend. It was only 3 hours away and neither of us ever been there so we dropped Coby off at Ryan's friends apartment so we can walk around downtown and not worry about taking him out while staying in the hotel room all by himself. It was cloudy but didn't rain on us once! I liked it because I'm not a big fan of hot days when all I can think about is get somewhere inside and cool off in the AC (thank Goodness for those!!!!) And Ryan liked it too because he didn't have to listen to me complain about how sweaty I'm and how much I hate it and I want to go inside :o) We had a good time and marked the Chicago Trip as one of our favourites.

Our first adventure together

Well as most of you know, Ryan's job requires some traveling, mostly in the summer time so we took off for Indianapolis, IN only month and a half after our "I do's". Ryan works long days and as a new wife I missed him a lot so my sweet, dear husband got me a little puppy so it gives me something to do while he is gone all day. We got him when he was only 6 weeks old so he pooped everywhere and it seemed like 100 times a day so yeah, it gave me a lot to do! We named him Coby and he is well potty trained now and a very good doggie. We have a lot of fun with him.

The beginning - Our Wedding

Well we made it to the blogger world! It took us a while to join you all but we are here now. And since this is a story about our life together even though we got married year and a half ago I feel like I shoul start from the beginning and post some pictures of our wedding as well. So here is few of my favourites.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ryan & Erika Pettersson

Ryan and I went on a blind date together almost two years ago and were unseparable ever since. We were married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on March 9th, 2007 and we are now expecting our first baby together that should arrive in February. We can't wait to become parents and share our happy and joy-ful life together with our little one!!