Sunday, October 23, 2011

Khloe's blessing

my princess on her day

Our little Khloe was finally given a blessing last Sunday. I felt so bad about waiting for so long, but it was really important for us to have some family there. Summer is extremely busy with Ryan's schedule and his dad travels for work so much that we couldn't find a weekend where we could all get together. We had two options with one being doing it in Alabama with just to four of us or wait and have at least his dad there with Ryan. Since Kaylee already had two birthdays and none of her grandparents were ever there, I just didn't want to be sad about them missing another event in my kid's lifes if I can help it. The blessing was beautiful, Ryan did a great job. Although Khloe was crying almost the whole time, I loved it. It was a beautiful and happy day. We are so happy to have Khloe in our family and in our life. She brings joy and happiness to us every day since the second she was born and we all adore and love her more that she'll ever know.

with mom and dad our family


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Texas state fair

Our summer ( this was our fifth) of selling alarms finally came to an end and since Ryan is all done with school we are able to take a real vacation this year and don't have to hurry back to Utah before the semester starts.

We are leaving for Europe tomorrow and we are so excited. It's been almost three years since I saw my parents and they have never met Khloe. The last time I was home was 6 years ago, I have a new cute nephew in Germany that I can't wait to kiss and my grandma and the rest of my extended family have never even met my husband so this trip will be amazing.

We are at Ryan's parent's house in Texas right now, enjoying some time with them too since we don't get to see them as much as we would like to.
The weather here is beautiful in October. It's still so warm outside, around 85 degrees and I love it. Another thing I love about fall is the state fair. I have never been to one in Texas so we made sure we went last week. Here is a picture overload:

Friday, October 7, 2011

That was a first

I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom last Sunday when Kaylee walked in. She was just standing next to me for a few seconds watching me and then she said something about her nose. I looked at it and didn't see anything wrong with it. She said "mommy! Look in my nose." Oh no..... My little Kaylee put a piece of a crayon up her nose. It was about a size of my finger nail on my pinkie. So pretty big for such small nose and it was pretty far up there. I'm not going to lie, I was freaking out. I was running around with tweezers at one point but I would never try to get it out by myself. I went to look for my phone to call a doctor when Ryan called me to go over there and I guess as he was holding her down and she was moving so much because she didn't like it the darn thing came out. Thank goodness. She never ever tried to put anything up her nose before so I never thought I would have to worry about this happening but I guess there is a first for everything....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 months

Baby Khloe turned 4 months old few days ago. It's hard to believe that she is getting so "old" so fast. I see her every day so it doesn't seem to me that she is changing that much, but when I go through her old pictures where she was brand new or a few weeks old I can see the difference. Big difference. Her eyes are still beatiful blue color, but that's no surprise sine both me and Ryan have blue eyes. Her toothless smile is to die for. I love seeing in ever morning when I reach over her crib to pick her up. Two weeks ago she weighed in at 15,6 lbs. Still chunky and I love it. I tried feeding her rice cereal few days ago and she did like it. She had a hard time keeping it in her mouth tho as she was pushing it out with her tongue, but she'll get a hang of it soon.
Khloe still loves her bumbo chair, paci, mommy, bath and she loves to be outside now that it's a bit cooler. It's definitely not fall here yet, still 85 degrees, but it's bareble so we take advantage of it every day.
Tummy time didn't make it to her favorites yet, but we are working on it. She managed to roll over from her back onto her tummy couple of times and she also can sit up all by herself for like 10 seconds. Go Khloe!!
And we are about to take her on her first plane ride. We are going to Europe in 10 days. I'm already so stressed out about the 10 hour flight that awaits us, you have no idea. But she needs to meet her little cousin Eli, auntie Petra, uncle Brian before he deploys to Afghanistan, grandpa and grandma, great grandma and the rest of the family. They all love her so much and can't wait to hold, kiss and love on her.
Happy 4 months Khloe. I love you so much more than I did yesterday and the day before.. You are as sweet and cute and cuddly and beautiful as you can get, and we are so happy to have you in our family!! Love you!