Wednesday, December 29, 2010

18 weeks

Little girl is growing!


I'm a little late on this post. Ryan has been home from school so we are just trying to have a lot of fun and do things since it's going to be crazy again starting next week...Our Christmas was really awesome. Although I missed being with my family, we had Ryan's side of the family come from Texas and spend the holidays with us.We had a big yummy dinner together on Christmas Eve (that's the actual Christmas Day in Europe) and opened our stockings after dinner since we open all of our presents in Europe after dinner that day. Then we played games and stayed up way too late :o).

We woke up a little late on Christmas day due the slumber party that happened the night before, ate breakfast and got on Skype with my family so they can watch her open her presents. She got spoiled like she always does. She loves her new outfits, play kitchen, princess tent and everything else Santa brought.

I can't believe another Christmas came and went. We'll be celebrating Kaylee's second birthday in just 2 short months. It seems so crazy to me. Now we are just about to welcome the New Year of 2011 that's going to bring us another sweet little girl into our family, a college degree, Kaylee's very first cousin and many more adventures I can't wait for. Hope everybody's Holidays were filled with love and time spent with family and those close to your heart. Have a happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Last couple of days.... has been warmer so I wanted to take advantage of it and took Kaylee to the park a few times. She LOVES to go outside. We only lasted about an hour because it's still not warm enough for us to spend the whole afternoon there and by the time we got done her little nose and hands were ice cold. But she enjoyed herself which always makes me happy :o)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Kaylee is a very lucky girl to be getting one in May!!

That's right! We are having a GIRL!!

I know sisters have a special relationship. I don't have a brother so I can't really compare it but me and my little sister are truly BEST FRIENDS. The love we share between us is out of this world and we really would do anything for each other. I'm so happy for my sweet Kaylee that she will have her own little best friend forever. Her little sister to play with, fight with, cry with, get into trouble with, talk about boys with, get manis and pedis, shop and do almost everything with. I'm so happy and can't wait to have this little girl here with us in few months!