Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loosing my mind

Ever since we came back to Utah, Kaylee's sleeping schedule and/or habits are hmmm how would I say it.....NON EXISTENT!!
She use to be put to bed wide awake every single day for her nap and bet time at night. Never had any problems with it. Fell asleep without making a single noise and slept for 2 hours every afternoon and for at least 11 hours at night without waking up once. She actually was sleeping through the night since she was 5 weeks old. No lies. I'm serious.
I curse the day we moved into our apartment in Provo because she will not get near her crib when the nap time is here and forget it at night as well. I tried to leave her there to cry it out over and over again and she screams/cries so much that she ends up throwing up. It's not a spit up, it's all over the carpet (because she is standing up holding the rails), all over her sheets, the crib rails and her. So then we have a half an hour process of cleaning everything and giving her a shower and by the time it's all done she is wide awake and I can forget even that half an hour nap. NOT WORTH IT!!!!
So she gets to fall asleep on the couch watching a kid movie. Sometimes I dare to move her to her crib and some days it works out great and some days it ends her "nap".
This all sounds bad enough right? Well I'm not finished. When the night time comes and I'm beyond exhausted from not taking a break all day long,going to the park, doing laundry, dishes, cooking, coloring, reading, showering, grocery shopping and million other things (and on top of that my husband leaves the house early in the morning to go to school and usually returns at night and does homework until 2am) she seriously runs around the house with her shopping cart or a stroller, jumps on the couch, chases the dog around....she is full of energy driving me insane. Then she FINALLY get tired around 11pm (the earliest) so she lays down on the couch to watch Shrek or something, I'm asleep right next to her 10 min later and my husband is waking me up past midnight telling me to go to bed. She eventually falls asleep and is moved to her crib. Couple of hours later she is screaming for dear life, is moved back to the couch where she falls asleep and stays until the morning comes. Wakes up between 6-8am and I'm ready to pack my things and book a week at the extended stay.
I have NO idea what happened during that move but as much as I was excited for the summer to be over and be back in Utah I curse that day now and wish we never came back.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Loving this weather

We weren't able to go to the park and play outside all summer long because it was too hot so we have been going every single day since we got back to Utah. Kaylee loves it. Especially the swings. She'll go on the baby one here and there but her most favorites are the "big girl" ones. She'll sit there forever and I just push her. We are not excited for the winter to come. Hopefully in won't for a while....
Kaylee got her cute purse from gma Carol a couple of weeks ago and won't leave the house without it. She has some fruit bubble gum in there (which she LOVES), strawberry chap stick, cell phone, pink nail polish and a necklace. She is such a girl! I love it!