Friday, October 5, 2012

Looking back at her first steps

I'm not sure why I haven't uploaded this video 6 months ago when it was actually new and fresh, but I want to catch up on updates on the girls too and don't want to leave this one out. 
Here is miss Khloe at 10 1/2 months walking. You can tell she just learned to walk and I just love it. 


We were visiting Ryan's parents in Texas before the summer started and decided to go to SixFlags since it wasn't too hot yet and Kaylee was finally tall enough to go on quite few rides and boy did she have a good time! We'll have to go back sometime soon.

 Helping little sister walk around. Khloe was 10 months and started walking about a week before we went so Kaylee wanted to make sure she didn't fall. 

 Riding with daddy

 Cooling off. Those things are lifesavers


 Kaylee's favorite thing at the ZOO. Feeding the ponies.

 Two monkeys watching the monkey. 

 Kaylee and her best friend in Monroe, Mackenzie.

I feel bad that Khloe is not in any of these picutes. She did come with us of course, she was just in the stroller the majority of the time...sorry boo. I'll do better next time!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Easter 2012

I have some serious catching up to do. Haven't posted almost anything the whole summer and I really want to print this blog into a book one day so I have to catch up. 
Easter of 2012 was Khloe's first and we had a good time. We were living in West Monroe, Louisiana and celebrated with our neighbors. Kaylee found a best friend living just two apartments down from ours and they spend every single day together. 
We had a nice morning at Church, beautiful lunch together as a family and a fun Easter egg Hunt in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day.

 Kaylee hunting for eggs with Mackenzie and Mikaela 

 The cutest Easter bunny

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby #3!!

I'm so bad at blogging lately. I'm just too busy chasing two little toddlers around and growing another little Pettersson in my belly!
I'm little over 17 weeks now and due on my actual birthday yet again! (Kaylee was due on my birthday too, which is February 20th but she came the day after) so I'm curious to see how it work out this time and if anybody will have to be sharing birthday cakes :)
We are excited and can't wait for this little one to join our family in a few months!
Baby is kicking already and I was just thinking to myself that no matter how many times you are pregnant, it never gets old and it always puts a smile on my face.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Khloe's big party

We celebrated Khloe's birthday on a Saturday with our friends and neighbors, Ryan's mom and two sisters. Our house was full and we had a great time. Khloe got spoiled with fun toys and cute outfits and we are grateful for having amazing family and friends who love our little girl so much!! And a big thanks to my friend and neighbor Malin for coming early and cleaning my kitchen so I could take a shower before everyone showed up! I always do too much and don't have enough time to get it all done!!

Birthday girl!!

Us with our birthday girl! 
(no, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I'm sure. Just a bad angle. Very bad...)

This girls loves cake!

Khloe turns ONE!!

Wow, this past year has come and gone faster than I thought it would. I remember saying the same when Kaylee was a baby, but I think that this time it really went by faster. 
We were busier, well at least I was because this time round I was juggling two kiddos so when Khloe is napping, I can't sit down and relax or heavens forbid take a short nap. But it's all good and I'm enjoying these two little girls. 
But back to my birthday girl. Khloe is seriously the sweetest little baby. I'm not the only one saying it as her mom. My best friend here just loves her to pieces and want to hold her, love on her all the time. People in stores and parks make comments... She is really precious. She is happy 95% of the time. The only time she cries is when she is hungry, tired or Kaylee pushes her :).
She has her big smile on her face constantly and I can't get enough of her. 
Khloe is walking. She started month and a half ago when she was 10 and a half month and mastered it well. It's much harder to go to the store now or outside because she doesn't want to sit in the cart or stroller anymore and just wants to walk everywhere. 
She loves talking to my mom on skype. I have it on my phone and she grabs it from me every time my mom calls and runs to her chair, sits down on it and starts laughing, "talking", squealing .... it's really funny to watch. 
She absolutely loves Kaylee. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she walks into the room. They play together now nicely a lot and it makes me so happy. They'll chase each other around the house, have a tea party, roll on the floor together, Kaylee always cheers Khloe on when she learns something new and washes her hair in the tub. 
Khloe wears size 18M dresses and pants, 24M size shirts and size 5 shoes. She either takes a one long nap in the middle of the day or two shorter ones. 
She really is such a happy baby. We love having her in our family, she brings nothing but joy into our lives. 
Happy first Birthday baby girl, we love you more than you'll ever know!!

Mommy, Daddy and Kaylee