Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My three favorite people

Yes. It's my sweet little sister Petra, my husband Ryan and beautiful daughter Kaylee.
These three are my best friends and I love each of them to pieces. Unfortunately, I can't have them all here with me....

My sister's husband Brian serves in the military and was transferred to GERMANY! Yes, that Germany far far away in Europe (is there any other one anyway??). It's not fun.

Bubu, (I've been calling her that for years) is my only sister, and a sibling for that matter. We grew up sharing the same room for 18 years and then she moved. She went to BYU and I went to live in London, UK. It was hard. I knew I would miss her, but I didn't know how much... She came to visit me once and those were the best few days in 7 months I have had there. I moved back home shortly after her visit but she was still at BYU. My parents are awesome so it wasn't a bad thing to be back home with them, but I knew I wanted to explore the world. Long story short, I ended up in Park City which is so much closer to Provo than Slovakia and I had my sister back!!!! We had some fun times together.
I got married, she graduated and moved to Oklahoma, then Virginia got married and now lives in Germany and we are on two different continents again. I miss her. I miss her a lot. I can't wait for her to get skype so I can see and talk to her again. (she is not the best at taking pictures so I can forget about those...)

Here are all three of my besties together when she came to see us and say good bye to us when we were in Louisiana. I had the best time with her. She spoiled Kaylee like she always does and was patient with me like she always is. Yes, I have my moments and my sister is the only person except my husband that really gets me, understands me and loves me the way I am. The relationship between two sisters is just different than any other relationship there can be. We fought like two boys (if not worse) growing up and we were as different as two people can be but when it came to the worst, we ALWAYS stuck up for each other. Always. We were always a team. I wasn't always the nicest to her which I regret so much now, but she forgave me. Just like that. She loves me anyway. And boy do I love her back! I hope we'll be reunited sometimes soon, even if it's gonna be just for a couple of weeks.....

Thank you Bubu for coming, I hope Germany is treating you nice. I love you to pieces sis and miss you terribly. I'm so lucky to have you as my sister and I wouldn't trade you for the world.
Have a great time in Europe, say hi to Brian from us and be happy!!!!
(I really don't know why is Kaylee sticking a straw in her nose...)
Love you!

Kaylee's new BFF

Anybody who knows my daughter knows that she is deathly afraid of strangers. Or anybody for that matter except her mom and dad. It is getting better now but before and at the beginning of this last summer....it was bad. She would walk around the store all happy and the second somebody would say hi or something to her she ran screaming for dear life. Well the summer started and as she went to the office with Ryan every day, she got a little better since everyone wanted to hold her and play with her (without any success :o) ). One boy was different tho. Mark Whetten. Ryan's childhood friend. She was seriously in love with him. He could hold her, (she even reached out for him when I was holding her!!!) play with her and even take her for a ride in his car and take her to his apartment for a bit without any problem. Impressive. Mark is back in Texas and Kaylee hasn't asked if she could call him yet, but I'm curious to see what happens next time we see him!

Brad Paisley

My sweet husband surprised me with tickets to Brad Paisley a couple of weeks ago and it was great to get out and listen to some great music! We've been to his concert before so we knew we were gonna have a blast!!!

Kaylee came along as we didn't have a sitter but that's ok, she came along the last time with went (in my belly :o) ). I think she shook it more that anybody else in there. It is no secret she likes music and dancing, but I didn't know she was gonna enjoy such loud music somewhere strange... We all had a great time and would go again!!

is she my daughter or what?? haha

yummy cotton candy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Orleans Aquarium

New Orleans was only a little over an hour away from where we use to live in Louisiana so we went down there a few times. I love that place. Some people say it's kind of dirty and I guess there is something about it since every single restaurant is a bar as well, but there is something different about N.O. The houses look so different, the food is great and I guess I can say that it's one of my favorite places. Ryan's family came to visit in August so we took them to New Orleans and had a great day. It was way too hot so we went to the Aquarium since it's indoors, went to grab some great food after and enjoyed family time. I love it when people come to visit during the summer. It's too hard to get through it without having family around. But summer is finally over so I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. Here are some pics, enjoy.


Kaylee has learned quite a bit about cleaning this past summer. I mentioned before that she is always handing me dishes from the dishwasher, she can load it too and you've seen her sweep, mop and vacuum in previous posts. Well here is one more "chore" she has mastered before we move onto cleaning the toilette :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

State Fair

I'm finally back in the blogging world and boy does it feel good!! Our computer was broken and then the camera broke as well so I couldn't get the pictures out but everything is working again so I'll catch up on the last two months of our life sometimes this week.
We are back in Utah after completing summer number 4. Of alarm sales that is. I'm very proud of my husband for yet another summer (a very hot one) of hard hard work. Louisiana was great, too hot and too humid but work went awesome and even though it feels good to be back "home" I'm excited to get out of Provo in few months when Ryan finally graduates. We have NO idea where we'll end up after school, but I can't imagine it will be worst then good old boring Provo :).
Anyway, we went to the fair yesterday and had a blast. Can you believe I have never been to the fair before?? I know, crazy right? Well I loved it, and so did Ryan and Kaylee. We ate, watched the rodeo, ate again, took Kaylee on a few rides and yes, we ate some more after that too. We finished off with a pony ride (Kaylee did, I don't think the poor pony would survive me jumping on him..) and went home full, happy and tired. Hope you are all having a great weekend, I'll be back with a LOT MORE pictures from the summer soon!!
That little "farm" was the cutest thing ever. The kids get in, feed the cow (fake one of course), milk it too, pick some apples, seed some vegetables, ride the tractor, get some eggs and take care of the sheep. It was super cute. At least I thought so.
That girl LOVES pony rides. I wish I could get her one for Christmas, but where would we keep it.... :/Kaylee loved the rodeo as well...