Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's day dad, Charles and Claus!!!

Mother's Day was about 3 moms and we want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all 3 of our cool dads!
Ocko, stastny den otcov (prvy ako dedko) Ti zelame! chybas nam a dufame ze sa mas dobre, ze mamina poslucha a ze si mal krasny vikend. Dakujeme za vsetko co pre nas robis, za tvoju trpezlivost, lasku, pomoc z Kaylee, Cobym a so vsetkym ostatnym a uz sa tesime ked sa zasa uvidime!!!
lubime Ta!

Ryan, Erika a Kaylee

Charles, happy father's day!! The first one as a grandpa!! We want to thank you for ALL your help with absolutely everything we need, for your love and patience, for you example to us and for being a great dad and and grandpa. We miss you and hope you are having a good time on your trip.

We love you!!!!!

Ryan, Erika and Kaylee

Claus, happy father's day!!! We miss being with you in Utah! We love you and want to thank you for having us over sooo much when we are in UT, for being a good example to us, for being a good friend and dad. Thank you for helping us move (that was a lot of work!) and always being there for us. We appreciate you and love having you in our lives. We hope your day was as wonderful as you are!

Ryan, Erika and Kaylee

Happy Father's day babe!

Your first Father's day honey!!!!! yay! You are the best dad to Kaylee and I'm so thankful for all your help with her! I can tell she is in love with you and what else can a mom and wife ask for! I love you and Happy first Father's day!!!


Happy fist Father's Day daddy!

Dear Daddy,
since I can't write yet I asked mommy to do that for me. I want to wish you happy first father's day!!! You are the best daddy to me and I love hanging out with you! Thank you for getting up few mornings a week to feed me, thank you for changing my diapers (those stinky ones especially!!), thank you for buying me cute dressers and outfits and yummy pears, thank you for rocking me, snuggling with me and all those sweet kisses you always shower me with!!! You are the best daddy and I love you sooooooooooo much!!!! Hope you have a great day dad!

your Kaylee-Bug

I love this picture daddy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kaylee at 4 months

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I went to take these pictures for upcoming father's day and I just love all of them. Can you believe how big is my little angel getting? She can stand and eats rice cereal with peaches and apple sauce....Big girl! Love her to pieces

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Overdue update......

I know it has been forever since we updated but we have a really good excuse: BROKEN COMPUTER + LOST CAMERA!!! Can you believe the bad luck we have had!? On the top of everything I lost my phone too but that has nothing to do with blogging. Anyway, we have been doing great out here in WA. Weather is amazing, Ryan is doing very well at work and Kaylee is growing fast. Getting a little fussy because her teeth are starting to let her know that they are there and about to come out :o) But she still is the sweetest little girl on the planet!!! More pictures to come soon!!!

(these pics are from the wedding in Boston)