Monday, April 2, 2012

10 months

Only 8 more weeks until Khloe turns ONE! How is it that the time goes so slow when you are pregnant and then flies so fast once they are out? 
We have really been enjoying our little family these past 10 months. Khloe is the most patient, sweet baby there is. She can sit in one place playing with the most random thing for a while before it gets old to her and moves on to something else. I love watching her explore. One of her favorite places is Kaylee's room. She'll go in there and take all the dishes out of her play kitchen and then moves on to her art easel, where she'll take all the magnets off and of course all the markers and chalk. She'll finish off with taking flowers out of the vase that sits on her play table. That is of course if the closet door is closed. If not, she'll organize all her books and everything else she can reach. 

She gets a lot more attention from her big sister these days, because she is a lot more mobile and gets everywhere lately. She walks around with her walker and has been for about 3 weeks now, and also when you let her hold on to your hand. She can also stand without holding onto to anything for about 15 seconds before she falls and she even took one step the other day. 
She loves to play with Kaylee, the usually chase each other around the chair in our living room and it just warms my heart to see them laugh together. Kaylee is very good at making Khloe laugh. She'll tickle her, dance with her, splash with her in the bath tub...they'll have lots of fun together very soon when Khloe starts walking and running around.

Khloe is not so much into baby food anymore, she'll still eat it, but would rather much on goldfish. She also likes bread and yogurt and string cheese and drinks so much water. 
She has 5 teeth for now. Two on the front bottom and three on top. She loves to take baths but won't sit still for more than 2 seconds before she is standing up reaching for all the shampoo and conditioner bottles and all of her bath toys. She is used to her routine and knows that bath time is at 7:30 every night. If I'm busy doing something else like preparing dinner for Ryan who gets home late, she'll let me know that we don't mess with her schedule and off to the bathroom we go. She'll play there for 15-20 min, gets washed and sound asleep by 8PM. Works like magic. 
She also loves to go outside. It's been getting pretty warm here in Louisiana, 80+ degrees every day so we go out daily. Khloe will not be still being held but will sit happily in her stroller without making a single sound for a very long time before she gets tired of it. 
She is good in the car, in the store, in Church, at home.... She is just a great baby and we feel so blessed to have her in our family.
She has the most beautiful laugh that just makes our hearts melt and we wouldn't change our life with our two precious little girls for anything! 
Happy 10 months Khloe, we love you!!

She has the biggest smile! I love it!