Monday, January 25, 2010

Kaylee goes shopping

Kaylee obviously enjoys shopping just like her mommy but apparently she doesn't even look at the price tags (unlike her mommy :o) ). And in this other video she is almost running!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

11 months

Here we are again! Another "monthly" post about my little (or big??) baby girl. 11 months today. It's hard to think about her enjoying her first Birthday cake only one month from today!! But I'm getting little ahead here.

Kaylee is so much fun to be around these days (she has been since the day she was born of course). She has been walking for a month now with no problem and is into running now ( and what's really impressive that she can also stand up from sitting in the middle of the room all by herself!!!) so you can imagine how busy I am chasing her around the mall/grocery store every time we go. It's a work out I tell you. I just don't understand how she has SO MUCH energy. When in the clothing store, she'll walk up to a shelve with shirts/pants folded in a pile, grabs the pile a throws the whole thing over her head behind her. Then, she moves onto another pile, and than another one, and another one..... she gets around the entire store in like 5 min. because she literally runs from one side to the other and I'm busy folding clothes for half an hour after she is done :o). She is not happy when I put her in the stroller because that's just way too boring for her and you should see her doing "gymnastics" when I try to hold and carry her around. She wants to get down to run around so she reaches down, her head first and I'm standing there holding her up side down thinking why did I go to the store without Ryan..... he is a great help with her by the way.

It's fun though because that's her little personality coming out little by little every day and I'm just in love with my sweet Kaylee.
She has 8 teeth now (4 on top and 4 or the bottom), her hair is getting long and thick and I can't wait to start doing experiments with it. Still favors mac&cheese over any other food and she is probably the only child ever born that doesn't like juice, so she drinks pure water out of her sippy..... My daughter is also very curious and can't stay out of cabinets (we have locks on them now, thanks honey), purses, grocery bags, name it. Also, for some reason it irritates her when something is organized, like a pile - has to be thrown around the room, clothes on a hanger - comes into my closet and pulls every single shirt off, opens up every drawer on her and our dresser and takes everything out, empties my purse whenever she gets to would have to see it.
Sleeping is still not one of her favorite things to do during the day. I think she takes it as a waste of time since there is so much to do :o). I wouldn't change it for the world though because that's who my Kaylee is. One busy girl. She is happy, energetic, sweet, and always shares everything from food to toys. It's so cute when she eats and comes up to me with whatever she is eating and gives me a piece, when she has a binky in her mouth she puts one in my mouth too and when she is playing with her toys she makes two piles - one for her and one for me.....

I love her, I love spending every hour of every day with her. I love walking into her room in the morning when she wakes up and waits for me standing in her crib with the biggest cutest sweetest smile on her face. I love hearing her laugh, watching her steal toys from Coby and play with him, I love seeing her snuggle with her dad on the couch every single night right before she goes to sleep, I love watching her splash water all over the bathroom when she is taking a bath and I love how patient she is with me. I just love everything about her and I love being a mom. Happy 11 moths Kaylee! We love you!!

Kaylee taking control over the situation :o).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I took Kaylee for her check-up yesterday and she is as healthy as can be, growing and doing great! Of course she got poked 4 times but it's all behind us now. Here are the stats:
-wt: 19.6 lbs - 41 %tile
-len: 29.75 inches -89 %tile
Can't believe I only have few more stories to post about Kaylee before she turns ONE!! aaah my little baby is not so little anymore....

Play date with Reagan

We finally got to meet little miss Reagan yesterday. My sweet friend Holly and her little princess are visiting Utah (finally) and we had to get our girls together for a play date. They were so cute together, shared toys and snacks....we had a great time with them. Thanks ladies! Hope to see you soon again!

Here is Kaylee exploring the playground :)

new friends

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Walking like a pro

Kaylee has mastered her walking in such a short time. She gets around the whole house with no problems, opens all the doors and it's funny when the doors flies open and she is standing in the middle of the doorway like a big boss or something. She is so cute and I'm so proud of her!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fun in the tub

Ever since Kaylee was born she loved taking baths. She gets excited when she hears the water running and goes to the bathroom and wants to get in the tub. We had couple of toys for her before but autie Petra wanted to get her this awesome "foam city". There is like 72 pieces of houses, cars, people and fish and she LOVES it. Who would've thought that bath time could be even more fun?


I found Kaylee sleeping like this many times and still don't understand how can she be comfortable?


I have always loved Christmas. It's my favorite holiday of all. The time with family, baking, decorating, Christmas music and buying presents....I love it all. I haven't been able to spend any of last four Christmases with my parents since they are all the way in Europe and I miss them a lot, at least I got to have my sister here with us for over a week!! We had so much fun! Thanks for coming Petra and all your help. You are the best sister ever! This was our first Christmas as parents and it was just so different from all the ones before, because it all became about Kaylee. I just couldn't wait for her to open all of her presents (which were mostly toys) and see her play and have fun. She enjoyed it all and we all had a great time. Can't wait for the next Christmas already :o)

Here is Kaylee with part of her presents.

And of course we went to see Grandma and Grandpa

And of course we went to see Grandma and Grandpa Ranglack where Kaylee got spoiled once again :o)