Friday, September 23, 2011


Sometimes, especially in the morning when everybody is still a little tired and just lays around, or at thing after the girls take their baths, have their jamies on and watch a show before bed, when everything is calm and quite, I just sit back, look at them all comfortable, Khloe in my arms and Kaylee right next to us, and wonder how on Earth did I get so lucky to have these two beautiful, healthy babies in my life. Ever since i became a mom, life is different. Better different. Much better. Thank you girls for coming to my life and making it better than I could ever imagine it. I love you!! all clean, ready for bed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If there is anything I love about living in the south it's the storms. You don't hear a real thunder in Utah. And the lightning that comes with's just beautiful. Sometimes you see the storm coming and sometimes you only have 5 seconds to run inside before you are completely soaked. Each drop is like a gallon. There is nothing like it I tell you. Well, when you are enjoying it from the comfort of your home. I'm sure it's a whole another story when you are outside in the middle of it all.

We got some rain today. It's wasn't as bad as it can get, so I let miss Kaylee be a kid and run around in the rain, jump in the puddles with her little bare feet and poke the bubbles that formed in the water that gathered on the road. Boy did she have a blast. I just watched her from the porch just being happy. I love these moments when my kids show me what life is really all about. Love my happy girl. (both of them).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 months!!

Every blog post with a title that mentions my kid's age begins with "wow, I can't believe it's been x amount of months/years since she was born" but I really am amazed at how fast the time flies. I really can't believe that Khloe joined our family 3 months ago!! It seems like she has been with us forever, she belongs with us, but on the other hand it also seems like it was yesterday when I was waddling around town tired of being so huge and ready for the babe to be here.
We really are beyond happy that we have Khloe in our family. We have our routine and actually had one for a while and I seriously don't even remember what our life was like before she came. Here are some facts about that pretty baby of mine:

-Khloe doesn't really nap, snoozes a lot when I hold and snuggle her, but the second I put her down she is looking around to see what it is that I need to do that I have to put her down. So, not a lot of cleaning gets done around in this house during the day, but that's ok.( I feel guilty to just put her in her swing).

- she is a great night sleeper. Goes down between 9pm - 10pm and gets up at 7am.

-not a fan of tummy time. I mean, she starts crying almost immediately after I lay her face down on a flat surface so I cheat by stacking a couple of pillows on top of each other to make it high enough, so when she put he elbows on top she is kneeling instead of laying....we'll work on that one.
-loves to take baths. I bathe my kids every night. Kaylee because she gets so sticky/dirty during the day playing outside and by feeding herself... and Khloe because she spits up a lot and I think it's good to have a routine. I usually put Kaylee in first while Khloe sits in her bouncer next to the tub and just watches Kay color all over the walls. She gets so excited when I let the water out and start filling the tub again because she knows it's her turn then.

-she doesn't like to be alone at all. If I have to put her down on the couch or our bed or somewhere for a minute she is happy as long as she sees me but the second I leave her sight she lets me know that that's not cool. I think it's pretty cute.

-she loves her paci. Has it in her mouth almost all day long.

-Khloe is a good eater. She weights 14.2 lbs!!! Chunky monkey!

- wears size 2 diapers and clothes size 6-9M. My kids are tall.

-humidity and hot weather is not her favorite. She gets that from me. So, we have to go outsite in the evening and not stay too long, which is fine by me.

- she loves it when we talk to her and she "talks" back and laughs out loud which is the cutest thing ever!!!

- she has been sitting in her bumbo chair for over a month now and does great in it.

- she does like her swing a lot, but I don't put her there very often. The mentioned guilt...

- she has the biggest smile on her face every single morning when I lean over her crib to pick her up when she wakes up. It shoots me right up to 7th heaven.

- she got her shots a couple of weeks ago and cried only for the second one. I on the other hand was a wreck and we all survived, but I am definitely NOT looking forward to the second round...

- she has gone to the beach in Florida few weeks back and cried the entire time we were there. I can't really blame the girl, it was very hot and she got sand everywhere from her eyes to her diaper... poor thing.

Well, I think this is it and I hope I'm not forgetting anything. Khloe bug, you are such a sweet baby. We are all so in love with you and we are so happy to have you in our life. These past three months had been the best for our family because you complete it. Happy 3 months pretty girl. We love you to the moon and back. Twice.

Mom, Dad & Kaylee