Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

It is very hard to believe that it really has been THREE years since she came into our lives and became a member of our family. It seems like it was yesterday when I was laying on that hospital bed waiting for her to make debut. I was waiting 9 long months for that moment to see what she looked like and to finally hold her in my arms and kiss her tiny face. I could not imagine back than that she would learn to talk and walk one day, and here I am now wishing her a Happy Third Birthday. It is crazy how fast the time flies and how fast our babies grow.

Kaylee is one of the sweetest little girls I know. She is so caring, loving, happy, energetic, smart, playful and easy going. She is always concerned about Khloe's well being when she hears her cry, she gives her kisses, brings her bottles and paci's and washes her hair in the bath tub. She loves her dad and mom and gets so happy when Ryan comes home from work and runs to the door to greet him with hugs and kisses. She runs to me when I come to pick her up from friend's house or nursery at Church. She walks up to me multiple times a day, holds my face with her small hands , gives me the biggest kiss in the world and tells me she loves me. It never gets old and my heart could burst with happiness each and every time she does this. She is happy all the time. Well, she has her moments, just like we all do (and lets be honest, it's no fun to go to time out for hitting your sister when you refuse to apologize) , but really for the most part she is one happy little girl. She is happy when it rains because she can pull out her pink umbrella, she is happy when the sun is shinning so she can go outside and ride her bike, blow bubbles and kick a ball with her best friend Mackenzie. She loves to go outside but is happy staying in all day if Khloe is sick...

Me and Ryan both truly feel so blessed to have a such a sweet little girl in our life and to be able to call her our daughter. Three years ago our life together changed forever, in the best possible way. We are so in love with our pretty baby girls and they truly bring a whole new meaning to our life. Things that used to matter don't anymore and things that didn't matter, do. It's incredible how your life changes in that second when you hold your tiny newborn baby and continues to change every day as you watch your sweet children grow, smile

Happy Birthday sunshine, we are so happy to have you in our life. You bring more happiness into our life than you can imagine and we wouldn't change a thing about you. We love you more that you'll ever know.

Mom, Dad and Khloe