Monday, October 27, 2008


We finally got to have some fun this summer, well I guess it's not summer anymore but it was for us! As most of you know, we sold security systems again this year for Northstar. We made great money and they paid for a Cruise for us, and we just got back! Both Erika and I had never been on a cruise so it was a great experience for us! Here are some highlights!

The best things were the 24 hour room service, 24 hour pizza bar, 24 hour Ice cream! Gosh pretty much everything was 24 hours and all the food on the boat was free!! One of the best things was coming in to our room, having our room entirely cleaned many times a day with the final cleaning leaving the room cozy and inviting for my wife and me, with a different towel animal (swan, elephant, monkey, etc) and the next day plans looking just like this!

Don't let us fool you, life wasn't as easy as we might make it out to be. We didn't have to cook, clean or even think, just eat and relax. But we did have some tough decisions...

What to eat?

What to wear?

Or what to hold!

The worst thing was I had a tooth infection the second night of the trip, I had some type of tooth infection which took me out for about 24 hours. I visited a Mexican dentist Saturday morning and they gave me some antibiotics along with a couple of shots to help for pain. I'll be going to a denist here to see why I got the infection and to see what I need to do. Erika, the best wife ever, stayed by me instead of going to dinner, spent half of our time in Mexico in a dentist office, and really took care of me yet again. It's not the first time and I know it won't be the last that she completly takes care of me in my time of need! I LOVE ERIKA! Just so everyone knows!! :-)

Not only is she the most caring, wonderful wife! She is also a smokin' hot pregnant lady, and here she is in all her glory in Mexico!

The mexicans even threw a party for her beauty!

But we eventually had to leave, however I suggest everyone to take a cruise! They are a ton of fun!! :-)


The Petterssons said...

So fun!!! I wish we could have joined you. Maybe next time! Hope your tooth gets better Ryan.

The Petterssons said...

Erika, you are the hottest pregnant woman ever!

Mike and Steph said...

You are so on top of things! Maybe I will blog about the cruise later. Anyways, we are back in Utah now so we will have to get together! Keep in touch!