Sunday, November 16, 2008

My helper Ryan

I know that we moved into our new place a month ago but we still have a lot of boxes that are unpacked laying around our other bedroom waiting to be put away. I was going through that stuff today to see what can we take out and use and what can just stay there until the summer comes again. I finally found my salt and pepper shakers I was looking for since we came back from Texas and I thought I lost them somewhere in the move. I was behind all the boxes so I asked Ryan to put them on our dining table for me and this is how I found them there........ He didn't even take them out of the zip lock bag!!!! Such a guy! I had to laugh and go give him a kiss and a hug because these are the things that make him to be Ryan and I just love him exactly how he is. I always have fun with him and that's why I'm just so lucky to be married to him. I love you babe and thanks for help today :o))


The Petterssons said...

Such a guy thing!!!

Katrina said...

Hello Ryan and Erika! Erika, i grew up with Ryan and somehow I found your blog! Congrats on your new addition and I hope everything goes well!