Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kaylee's first day

Our little Kaylee arrived this morning! I mentioned in the post before that I was suppose to be induces on Monday and I guess she didn't want to wait that long :o)
Yesterday was my B-day so my dear husband wanted to make the day special for me, took me up to Salt Lake do some fun stuff, and then to the dinner. I was feeling funny the whole time and was thinking that something was up but didn't really pay attention to it. So we are eating, having good time and right after we got up to leave my water bwas never ending for me.... We went straight to the Hospital where I discovered the MIRACLE of an roke! Contractions started right away and pretty close together so the drive back to Provo epidural and about 12 hours latter Kaylee was born. She is the cutest little baby girl and we are so happy to finally have her here with us. She has been sleeping the whole time, not crying at all so I hope it will stay that way :o) But enough of me talking, here are some pictures of the first hours of her life.

The very first kiss from daddy. She was only few minutes old Probably 1 minute old
Mommy and the baby

She is sooo tiny and cute!

With auntie Petra

All cleaned up after her first bath. She did NOT like it at all!
First Family photo :o)


jenna marie said...

i'm crying. i'm so stupid. these hormones sure haven't left yet! what a special day! BIG congrats to you guys!!! what a sweetie.
proud of you erika!
andrew & jenna

jenna marie said...

p.s can i just say i love the combo on ryan. north star hat, five diamond jacket. andrew does that all the time ..i keep telling him it's a conflict of interest! :)

Ryan and Erika Pettersson said...

Oh tell me about it! I don't get Ryan's fasion either....haha. Men, what do you expect....:o)

Andersonland said...

SHE IS SO PRECIOUS! I love all that hair. So glad you didn't have to wait until Monday. What a beautiful family you have.

Kate & Jeremy said...

look at all that hair!! she is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her and see you! i love her name!! i got your text and yeah.. just call when you are home and settled and we'll come visit and we want to bring dinner and WHATEVER you need!! seriously! talk to you soon. we couldn't be happier for you guys. kate call