Monday, August 31, 2009


Ryan's family, aunt, uncle and cousins with kids, went camping this past weekend and we just had to go with them. It's been a long time since we've been and camping is always ton of fun! We went up to the mountains by the Mirror lake and had a blast!

Here is my boy scout making a fire :o)


Ryan's first time river fishing and he cought us a dinner! We did eat it that night and it was delicious!!

Kaylee stole my cookie and shoved it in her mouth before I knew it. She gets in to EVERYTHING these days. She reaches for everything, she rolls everywhere....I love that girl. She is so much fun!

Ryan took me for a ride on a fourwheeler and was I scared or what? Gosh I thought I was gonna die! But it was fun!!!

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Luba said...

Vidim, ze Tvoj chlap sa o Vas postara aj keby ste boli na pustom ostrove. Ulovi veceru, zalozi ohen....
Mala sa tiez o svoje brusko vie postarat....vezme si a hotovo. Pekne to tam bolo, krasna zelena trava.