Monday, November 30, 2009

Having fun

We drove up to grandpa Clause's house tonight to celebrate his Birthday. We had a great time as we always do when we visit with them.
Kaylee was entertaining us with the cutest dance performance I've ever seen. I'll post a video later and some pictures for now.

this is Kaylee blowing a raspberry....she can't do it the right way so this is what she does instead and I can tell you it's soooo much cuter :o)

being very busy taking that toy apart

that's her favorite toy at G-ma's and G-pa's house. She shakes her butt when the music plays and walks around the whole thing when it stops...She'll do it for the longest time and we never get tired of it :o)

she loved all the Christmas decorations

can you tell how beautiful her eyelashes are? (if not click on the pic to enlarge).

what a pose...perfect for a magazine. future America's next Topmodel :o)

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