Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Every year our apartment complex has a playground for kids but not this year. There is a pool we go to all the time, but no outdoor place for Kaylee to play (I don't think we would even go if there was one because it is so hot here all day long) so it makes it difficult to keep her entertained sometimes. We do go to Chick-fil-a play place and stuff but I like to change it up so she doesn't get bored. There is Chuck-e-cheese right across the street from our apartment so we went this past weekend. Kaylee had fun, ate a lot of pizza and got worn out. Mission accomplished !

She sure likes pizza. I wonder where she gets that from ;o) She ate 2 whole slices all by herself!

all gone...

She didn't let go of her princess cup for one second!

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Gabe and Holly said...

Adorable pics... She must have loved Chuck-E-Cheese. How fun!