Thursday, June 2, 2011

Khloe's late and FAST arrival

(Late -meaning one week past the due date and fast- meaning 3,5 hours from when the doctor broke my water to when our little girl was born...)
Well, by now everyone knows that my due date rolled around and there was no baby in sight. My doctor didn't want to induce because on the ultrasound she did at 38 weeks the baby was measuring about 2 weeks smaller and she didn't want to risk me having this tiny baby being born early. So the wait begun and as the due date came and went, I was getting more and more anxious, cranky, tired of being name it. And the 100 degree weather combined with Mississippi humidity was making me miserable and every day that went by was like 70 hours long. I was finally fed up with everything, called in and told them that I was done. They scheduled me for induction one week past my due date,
on Wednesday, June 1st.
I checked in at 5 a.m. and got hooked up on the IV. My doctor came in to break my water at 7 a.m. and started me on pitocin. The contractions didn't take long to kick in but were bearable, plus I didn't want to look like a pansy and ask for the epidural right away although I loved it when I had Kaylee. They asked me if I ate something before I came in and I did have 2 pieces of toast because I remembered all too well that they don't let you eat or drink while in labor and since my first one lasted 20 hours I was not going to be starving all day. BIG mistake. The nurse told me that I wasn't suppose to eat anything if I was planning on epidural, so now I'll have to wait a few hours before I can get it. Great. She didn't even get done announcing this "awesome" news to me my contractions doubled in pain and came closer together. The doctor checked me at 9:30 a.m. and I was at 5 cm. About 15 min later I asked the nurse if she could get the anesthesiologist because my contractions were getting way too strong, way longer, way too close together and that was something I wasn't prepared for. I never took any classes so I was just trying to breath through each one as well as I could. She told me that he could come little after 10 to give me that dreamed of epidural. Every minute seamed like a week at that point. The dude was taking his sweet time because she rolled me over on my side to get me ready around 10:15 a.m. and he still wasn't anywhere near. And that's when it happened. I felt a horrible urge to push. My eyes almost fell out of my head as I realized that that was it. They yelled at the doctor, she came in and as she wanted to go ahead and check me to see what am I talking about with this pushing non sense, she says "oh, the baby is right there! You just have to push her out honey". And yes, the stupid anesthesiologist walked in right that second! Great timing don't you think? I'm not going to write down all the things I wanted to do to him if I had the strenght.
So, out the door he goes, I push two times and a beautiful baby girl is born. All the pain is gone just like that, and all I feel is happiness, joy and so much love for this little person I just met and my little family. It feels like she has been with us for forever. I don't even remember what it was like before we had her and that was just two days ago. She definitely belongs. She is ours and we all love her so much.
And that's the story of us becoming a family of four.

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Jebbie said...

That is crazy fast!