Friday, July 15, 2011

Loving baby Khloe

It's been a while since I posted something on here, it's obviously not because I have nothing to blog about, but because someone in this household broke the computer.....again so I'm now using our friends laptop and that's why there are no pictures in this post but I do take like a 100 every day so there is going to be an overload soon :o).
We are now in Mobile, Alabama and we love it here so far. It's way better than Jackson, MS although that place will always be dear to my heart, since we welcomed our little Khloe into our family there. I have been feeling so many different emotions lately and wanted to document them here for the girls to read one day.
I never really took the time to express how I feel about being a mom for the second time. Oh how I love ever minute of it.
There is just something about newborn babies that makes the world stop.They are so innocent, pure, perfect....they just came here from Heaven and the do look and feel like little angels.
I still remember the feeling of indescribable happiness and love I felt when I first laid my eyes on my little Khloe. I was holding her on my chest and it was just us two ( Ryan missed her being born because she came so fast), looking at each other, feeling peace, comfort, happiness and unconditional love. She looked deep into my eyes and I felt like I have known her forever. And although we missed having daddy there with us, those few minutes we got to be alone together made up for him not being there. It was just so special to finally hold my precious baby after those long 9 months of having her in my belly and feeling her move, kick and hick up, seeing her on ultrasound and imagining what she will look like. And here I am now, 6 weeks later, thinking to myself that I thought I loved her then. And of course I did, but that love has grown so much more since then.... I have tears in the corners of my eyes almost every time I get to hold her and look at her for a few minute and realize what a miracle it is to create this perfect little person, and how lucky and blessed me and Ryan are that we are trusted once again with another little perfect girl. I cherish those moments, when it's just me and Khloe again, especially in the middle of the night, when it's quite and calm and the world stops for a few minutes as I get to hold her, look at her perfect little lips and nose, I kiss her perfect little cheeks and hold her perfect little hand, look into her eyes and tell her that she will probably never know how much I love her. I tell her how beautiful and perfect she is, how thankful I am that she chose to come here and how happy I am to have her, her big sister Kaylee and her dad in my life. And then, she looks deep into my eyes again like she did 6 weeks ago, and tells me through that look "I know mom. I'm happy that I am here too, and I love you too".
Khloe, you really are a special, perfect, sweet little girl. You are so content and patient. You are so loved by your mom, dad, sister, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles, and you bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. I hope that you will always know and remember that. I love you and your sister to the moon and back. Times million. I can't wait to see you two girls play and laugh together and become best friends. You two make me and your dad happier than we could ever imagine being. And now I'm going to kiss you both good night and look forward to tomorrow to kiss you two a million times more!

Love, mom

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Petra said...

I look forward to Kaylee and Khloe knowing what it's like to have your sister be your best friend when you are growing up. It's the best!