Monday, August 25, 2008

Austin ZOO

As I mentioned before, I just love animals and since we are moving at the end of this week to San Antonio, we had to go visit the Austin ZOO before we leave. Well, it's not really the type of ZOO most of us are use to.It's a non profit organization where they take animals after the Animal Rescue rescued them from abusive owners or places where they were before so obviously, it's not super fancy and nice but still it's my favourite one :o). I just think it's so nice of them to do this for all those nice, sweet creatures. And they have quite few of them too! Like 4 different kinds of monkeys, tigers, lions, parrots, deers, snakes, lamas....A lot.

They also sell a bag of dry food at the entrance so you can feed the goats, lamas and deers. That was my favourite part!! We went to see the goats first, but they seemed to be very inpatient when it came to waiting for us to take more food out of the bag, so one of them sticked it's head out and grabed the whole bag out of Ryan's hands! You should've seen the fight for it after it landed on the ground!

After that "accident" we moved over to those sweet little deers and I can tell you they were a lot more gentle when it came to eating the food out of our hands. We just enjoyed that so much!
But it really was hot outside so we decided to take a break and try one of those yummy Ice cones they were offering. Boy did it feel good to chew on some flavoured ice in that heat!
We finished the tour and headed back home. It was a fun weekend and I loved to spend some time with Ryan! Now I can't wait to go explore the Sea World in San Antonio soon!

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