Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 month check-up and....shots :o(

We took Kaylee for her 2 month check-up today...I was happy to hear that she is growing well and is as healthy as can be. She weights 11 lbs and is 23,5 inches long!! Our little baby girl is not so little anymore....But unfortunately the whole visit wasn't as pleasant. It was time for her shots when I had to step outside the room because I couldn't take even thinking about that bad, mean nurse poking my baby with all those needles...I would probably punch her if I stayed. But I heard that Kaylee was a trooper and didn't cry untill number 3 came along. I'm so proud of her! She is still sleeping through the night and is a really happy babe. And we are just so happy to have her....I just love that little angel so much!

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Andersonland said...

Oh she is beautiful!!! What a good looking family! I hate getting their shots thank goodness they can't remember what happened 5 minutes later :) Sleeping throught the night? What's your secret?