Monday, April 27, 2009

Kaylee is growing

Our little sunshine is little over 2 months old now. I can't believe it....She is such a good baby. She has been spoiling us for the last 3 weeks by sleeping through the night ( I know we are very lucky), she is smiling often now and is cooing and "talking" a lot. I love it. We had to put some NB size clothes away as she is getting bigger every day! It was sad but on the other hand I'm so excited to see her grow and do more and more things with her.
I'm no different then other moms and think as well that my baby is just soooo super cute and adorable. I can't get enough of her.
We just moved to Richland, WA for the summer. The drive wasn't too bad, only 10 hours or so but I was still worried about Kaylee sitting in that car seat for so long so we took 2 days to come up here and she was great. Didn't cry once. Can you believe it?
Well, enough of me talking, here are some pictures of my sweet baby girl.
Kaylee all ready to go to Church. She loves it there.

Here she is with mommy and Auntie Petra. Those two enjoy every minute they have together.

soooo cute

Kaylee loves being outside. Since the weather has been so much nicer we have been taking her out more and she really love s the fresh air on a warm sunny dayShe really does great on her tummy.

And what she does the best-being absolutely super stinkin CUTE!!!I love this picutre. Doesn't she look like a trucker taking a nap after few hot-dogs and 5 beers?And here we all are at the Easter time. It was Kaylee's first Easter.Play time :o)


Brooke said...

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The Petterssons said...

She is so cute! Glad you made it to Washington!