Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coast to coast

We just got back from Boston/New York City last night. Ryan's brother Brenton was getting married so we flew in to Boston last week for a wedding!! I love those! So I have a new sister in-law (and a neighbor) Sabrina! And I'm saying a neighbor because they live right next door to us here in Washington. Congrats guys!

The wedding was at the Boston Temple so we got to see the town and we loved it! Everything is so green and pretty there! And I can't forget to say that our sweet little Kaylee-bug was sooooooo good the whole way there. We literally flew from coast to coast and she didn't complain once!! What a trooper. We are very proud of her. Love her to pieces!!!

And since we were already so clost to NYC why not to drive there and visit? We got to see the Statue of Liberty which was cool. The weather was nice and we enjoyed spending time together and with Ryan's family. I'm so sad to be back home...

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Andersonland said...

HOW FUN! And so nice to know you can take Kaylee places and not have to worry about her. I bet you'll have fun hangin with your new sis.