Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last night my wife said a few words about our mothers, so I would now like to spend a little time saying a few words about how great a mom Erika is. Erika is so patient. No matter how upset Kaylee is or what happens, Erika is able to get the job done and doesn't get down! Erika is loving. She loves Kaylee and me unconditionally, she does everything she can to make sure we are both the happiest we can be! Erika is beautiful. She is one hot mama, that's all I'll say about that! :-) Erika is the natural mom. Maybe it's because she was a nanny for quite a while, or maybe it's because she is plain awesome but Erika always knows what to do in every situation where I am totally lost. She knows how to speak to Kaylee and how to get her the attention she deserves! Erika, I am in total love with you and am so glad that we have such a beautiful family!


I love this picture, what a caring and loving mom!


Ryan and Erika Pettersson said...

Thank you honey....I love you very much

Andersonland said...

LOVE IT!! Ryan did a great job blogging. You are a great mommy and Kaylee is beautiful -- good job you two!