Tuesday, March 16, 2010


How I LOVE this warm sunny weather!! I couldn't wait for it to get nicer outside so I could take Kaylee out to play. She enjoys it so much. She rides her four wheeler, runs around with kids, jump on the trampoline....you name it. This is what we were up to yesterday and what we are gonna be doing this afternoon as well :0). Have a great day everyone!

Kay got to ride her car of course and got in the accident in all that traffic :o)


Summer Naylor said...

We've been enjoying the sunshine too! Maybrie is finally walking around more too... woohoo! I think Maybrie would love Kaylee's four wheeler, she loves scooting around on bikes, but can't get very far! So fun!

jenna said...

that FREAKING cracks me up that she knows how to control that thing!!!! haha. i have no idea if quinn could figure that out or not. hilarious.

and she is darling and looks to be about four years old. what is it about her? she is just definitely not a baby anymore!

and it's okay that she doesn't talk. quinn says everything and it's starting to stress me out. i fear damnit will be his next word. :)