Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crocodile whisperer

So since the weather here is unbearable we go to the pool almost every day. It's not really refreshing because the water is so warm it feels like you are in your own bath tub but it gives us something to do and Kaylee loves it. She has a floaty she doesn't care about at all, because her friend Brody brought this cool guy to the pool. He was nice enough to let Kaylee play with it ( and even if he didn't I don't think he would stand a chance because Kaylee started to scream "NO" at everyone that got too close to her and the crocodile.....anyway, she does look super duper cute with it!

She dragged the thing everywhere....

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Brenton & Sabrina said...

It looks beautiful there..even though I understand that it is SO HOT AND HUMID! Lovely pool though :)