Friday, May 13, 2011

Last couple of weeks in Utah

We've been here in Mississippi for 2 weeks now, and I came across these pictures from Utah that I think are too cute not to post so here is WAY TOO MANY pics of my beautiful daughter. I'll get to posting about Mississippi soon. Have a great weekend!

We went to the park like always on a nice warm day

We played in the snow in April (only in Utah....)

We returned to the park when the sunshine came back

Went to Church

went to see some horses with Carol and Claus


Our Family said...

Kaylee is so dang cute!!! I love the way you dress her too! Where do you shop for her? We miss you guys and hope all is well in Mississippi!!!

Jebbie said...

She is so cute! Congratulations on graduation and moving. we love stocking you on your blog and can't wait to hear more about your move and new baby!