Monday, May 9, 2011

My BYU graduate

Ryan graduated BYU couple of weeks ago and you can only imagine what a happy day that was for all of us, but mostly for him.
I've seen him spend hours and hours a day writing papers, doing homework, working on presentations and studying for tests. He spend as much time with me and Kaylee as he possibly could after he came home from school and then had to make up for that time spent playing with Kaylee and being a husband to me by staying up until 3,4 or even 5 AM catching up on homework and studying.
And when the semester finally came to an end each year, he helped me pack all of our stuff, drove 2 days to wherever we were going to live for 4 months and worked harder than most people I know all summer long. And when each of those long hot summers were over, he started school again just couple of days after getting back to Provo. We never really had time for vacation between semesters.
I'm so proud of Ryan. I really don't know anybody who works harder than him almost all year round to make sure our family has everything we need and more.
I'm beyond grateful that I was able to stay home with our daughter and didn't have to leave her for hours each day to go to work. That's pretty impressive for a full time student, don't you think?
Now, I'm so happy this chapter of our life is over but I'm even more happy seeing these pictures of my handsome, hot husband in his cap and gown sm
iling and knowing that all of his hard work finally payed off.

Congratulations babe, you DID IT!!!!!!!!


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Gabe and Holly said...

congrats! im sure you are so happy. hope all is well for you guys.... and im sure you are getting anxious for your little one.... any time now :)