Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keeping busy....

By now, everybody knows what a organizer my daughter is. She can't walk/crawl by a pile of anything without giving it touch of Kaylee.....If it's in the box, it needs to go out and if it's in the pile, it needs to be thrown around the whole room. From the clothes in the drawers in her or our room, folded towels in the basket in the bathroom, my scrap booking stuff in the basked, pile of newspaper, all the stuff in the diaper bag (which drives me crazy when we need to go somewhere and I get everything ready, turn around for a second and she takes everything out of there....), the wet wipes in the box and anything else you can possibly think of.
Well yesterday we bought a new box of diapers and you can only imagine how busy Kaylee was after we came home....see for yourself :o)

There is 228 diapers in that box. At least there was before Kaylee got into it. So now you can imagine how busy I was after she was done :o)

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