Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a helper

my sweet daughter is. I did mention before that she LOVES to "organize" stuff. Put her next to a pile of newspaper and minute later the whole room is covered with it. Put a box of wet wipes near her, she'll pop it open and start taking wipes out one after another until she runs out of them. She'll take stuff out of my purse, her diaper bag drawers...you name it. When she leaves the room and is quite for more that 15 seconds I know what's going on and this is what I usually find.

she is standing there so proud of her work. Makes me smile. Love her so much :)

how cute is this? aaaahhh I'm so lucky to have her...


Petra said...

Uz len 11 dni!!!!

The Hansens said...

Erika! I'm so glad you found us! Oh your little girl is so cute and looks just like you! What a good little helper you have