Saturday, May 22, 2010

15 months

I know I missed the 14 months post due to moving and all the other stuff that was happening around us so sorry Kaylee. I won't miss any in the future, I promise :o).

So, 15 months... Kaylee is skipping her check-up (well not really skipping it, it's just postponed till August) because when we did her vaccinations in Washington last summer, they didn't put it in the same vaccination record book so when we came back to Utah, she got some of those shots again...I know. It wasn't nice of me to let that happened and I felt HORRIBLE about myself trust me. So her doctor said that it's ok to wait until August with this check-up and I will do just that. I will have her stats then so I'll share those later. And other that that, Kaylee is still happy, FULL of energy and I think she is a better eater too. Still a little picky but she does eat more. (no fruit or vegetables of course..that little stinker). She has been wearing 18 month size clothes since she was 12 months old and that still didn't change, although I do get some of her dresses size 24 months. Shoe size: 5 or 5 1/2. She also talks all day long, but most of it is Japanese :o).
I'm very very proud of her for falling asleep without making the tiniest noise when put into her crib wide awake every day for nap and at bed time. I never ever let her cry it out when she was younger (I know some of you think I'm a bad mom, but I don't care. My baby wanted me and I wanted to be there) so I thought she would never learn how to fall asleep all by herself but she just one day did it, so I kept putting her down every time she had to go to sleep and it has been working for quite some time now and I love it! It makes my life sooooo much easier! Thank you sweet Kaylee. She still takes only one nap a day, but she does sleep a bit longer that she use to, which I also like ;o).
Kaylee always loved making a huge mess and that one she still enjoys. I have lip stick, blush and shower gel marks all over the carpet, mine and her clothes are always pulled down from the hangers, ice cubes from the freezer are melting on the kitchen and living room floor, forks, spoons and spatulas are taken out of the dishwasher and left on the floor all over the house. Cans and other food items somehow travel from the pantry to our bedroom and the bathroom gets flooded every now and then when the water in the tub miraculously turns on by itself and switches to the shower mode while the curtain is wide open.... Yes, I have my hands full with little miss Kaylee. But it's so much fun to be with her all day. She also loves the pool. She jumps in without any hesitations and gets mad at me every time I take her out. There is a lot of kids to play with here this summer and it's great because she always enjoys hanging out with people her size ;o). And she really likes going for a walk. Well, I walk and she sits in her stroller. Right after i put her shoes on she climbs into her stroller, sits down in it and closes the safety bar and waits for me to get out the door. So cute. Her comfort blankie isn't a blanket but a cloth bib. Not a specific one, just any cloth bib will do for her and when there is few of them laying around, she has to have all of them. Funny.
And I guess that's about it. Kaylee continues to be the joy of my life and I hope I am the same for her.

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jenna said...

i KNOW you are the same for her!
what a big little sweetie