Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last month's happenings

Yes, the Internet is finally working. I can't even express the happiness I feel right now. Well let's start on the update shall we?
First of all, congrats to Ryan for getting another semester down!! His grades were great and I'm really proud of him for working and studying so so hard this past four months. He was busier than ever and did great.
After the semester was over, we moved of course....again! I tell everyone after each summer that that one was the last one, and it never is. Well this year we started summer number 4 and moved for the 9th time since getting married. No fun packing and unpacking every few months, but practice makes perfect so we are pretty much pros by now :). And I almost forgot to say where we moved to! LOUISIANA it is! This is my first time here and I really like it so far. The weather is perfect for us going to the pool every day, not so much for Ryan working all day long out there... I feel so bad for him sometimes. But I do appreciate him very much for all he does fr us.
We also found out we were expecting again, but couple of days before we moved out here we found out that the baby didn't have a heart beat and was measuring almost week late. Not exciting news of course and the timing was all wrong with all that stress from moving but things happen. We are sad, but we also know that worse things happen to people, and we are grateful that we have Kaylee with us and can't wait for more of those little Petterssons to come one day :).
Also my little and only sister is getting married next month and I'm so excited for her. She is my best friend and I love her so much. Congrats Bubu, I can't wait to see you on your big day!
I have a lot of pictures to post, s I'll break it into more posts with stories so I don't have an overload :)

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