Thursday, May 13, 2010

The trip

So this year, since Kaylee is too old to sit in the car seat for 27 hours without going crazy and too young to be interested in TV for that long, we decided to take the easy way out of this and flew to Louisiana while dad and Coby went on a road trip together. Kaylee is not one of those kids who can sit still for longer than a minute so I was worried about flying with her without Ryan, but she did great. Slept for the most part on the flight to Dallas and stayed entertained the whole hour on our second flight to Louisiana. Thank you Kaylee.
Before I post a few pictures I want to thank Grandma and Grandpa Ranglack for letting us stay at their beautiful home for a few days after Ryan left. We always enjoy your company and food and can't wait to see you in few months!! We love you!
All of these pictures are from the SLC Airport. They have this aweome area with toys for kids and Kaylee had a good time waiting for the boarding time :)

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