Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My three favorite people

Yes. It's my sweet little sister Petra, my husband Ryan and beautiful daughter Kaylee.
These three are my best friends and I love each of them to pieces. Unfortunately, I can't have them all here with me....

My sister's husband Brian serves in the military and was transferred to GERMANY! Yes, that Germany far far away in Europe (is there any other one anyway??). It's not fun.

Bubu, (I've been calling her that for years) is my only sister, and a sibling for that matter. We grew up sharing the same room for 18 years and then she moved. She went to BYU and I went to live in London, UK. It was hard. I knew I would miss her, but I didn't know how much... She came to visit me once and those were the best few days in 7 months I have had there. I moved back home shortly after her visit but she was still at BYU. My parents are awesome so it wasn't a bad thing to be back home with them, but I knew I wanted to explore the world. Long story short, I ended up in Park City which is so much closer to Provo than Slovakia and I had my sister back!!!! We had some fun times together.
I got married, she graduated and moved to Oklahoma, then Virginia got married and now lives in Germany and we are on two different continents again. I miss her. I miss her a lot. I can't wait for her to get skype so I can see and talk to her again. (she is not the best at taking pictures so I can forget about those...)

Here are all three of my besties together when she came to see us and say good bye to us when we were in Louisiana. I had the best time with her. She spoiled Kaylee like she always does and was patient with me like she always is. Yes, I have my moments and my sister is the only person except my husband that really gets me, understands me and loves me the way I am. The relationship between two sisters is just different than any other relationship there can be. We fought like two boys (if not worse) growing up and we were as different as two people can be but when it came to the worst, we ALWAYS stuck up for each other. Always. We were always a team. I wasn't always the nicest to her which I regret so much now, but she forgave me. Just like that. She loves me anyway. And boy do I love her back! I hope we'll be reunited sometimes soon, even if it's gonna be just for a couple of weeks.....

Thank you Bubu for coming, I hope Germany is treating you nice. I love you to pieces sis and miss you terribly. I'm so lucky to have you as my sister and I wouldn't trade you for the world.
Have a great time in Europe, say hi to Brian from us and be happy!!!!
(I really don't know why is Kaylee sticking a straw in her nose...)
Love you!


Petra said...

I told you I have the best sister in the world! Nobody better mess with her or I'm coming after you!
Love you!

Rebekah said...

What a great family. I love you guys. Have to say that Petra looks beautiful, so cute! My favorite picture, though, if of Kaylee sticking the straw up her nose. Priceless! :)