Saturday, September 11, 2010

State Fair

I'm finally back in the blogging world and boy does it feel good!! Our computer was broken and then the camera broke as well so I couldn't get the pictures out but everything is working again so I'll catch up on the last two months of our life sometimes this week.
We are back in Utah after completing summer number 4. Of alarm sales that is. I'm very proud of my husband for yet another summer (a very hot one) of hard hard work. Louisiana was great, too hot and too humid but work went awesome and even though it feels good to be back "home" I'm excited to get out of Provo in few months when Ryan finally graduates. We have NO idea where we'll end up after school, but I can't imagine it will be worst then good old boring Provo :).
Anyway, we went to the fair yesterday and had a blast. Can you believe I have never been to the fair before?? I know, crazy right? Well I loved it, and so did Ryan and Kaylee. We ate, watched the rodeo, ate again, took Kaylee on a few rides and yes, we ate some more after that too. We finished off with a pony ride (Kaylee did, I don't think the poor pony would survive me jumping on him..) and went home full, happy and tired. Hope you are all having a great weekend, I'll be back with a LOT MORE pictures from the summer soon!!
That little "farm" was the cutest thing ever. The kids get in, feed the cow (fake one of course), milk it too, pick some apples, seed some vegetables, ride the tractor, get some eggs and take care of the sheep. It was super cute. At least I thought so.
That girl LOVES pony rides. I wish I could get her one for Christmas, but where would we keep it.... :/Kaylee loved the rodeo as well...

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Josh and Erin said...

that looks so fun. i can't believe how big she looks. we need to get together now that you are back. I wonder if wes will remember you guys