Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ryan turned 26 on November 3th! We had a great day together (at least I hope it was great for him), however I didn't make him a birthday cake on his actual birthday day-which was the very first time in 4 years, because our sister in-law Sabrina celebrates her B-day on the 6th (Happy birthday again) and they came over on Friday so I decided to just make one on that day.
Friday was a crazy day. Ryan wanted a red velvet cake so I bought a box like week early. He didn't know his siblings were invited to come over that day so I couldn't really start preparing anything until he was on his way to school and just when I needed him out of the house early morning his first class doesn't start until 11am! So the second he drove off I start baking. I decided to make two 10 inch round pans because I thought it would look better. I used up all of my cake mix on one because they are quite big. So I went to the store to buy another one while the first one cools off. You are no going to believe me, but 2 and a half hours later we returned back WITHOUT the red velvet cake, because for some strange reason I couldn't find it in ANY store that's somewhat close to our house and drove around Provo for a while before giving up. Then I couldn't find any decent strawberries in the closest store to our house so over to Sam's club we went. Picked up some pizza and blackberries as well and off to the store to get a whole another cake. I grabbed the chocolate mousse one which was a great idea because it ended up tasting like heaven with all those chocolate covered strawberries!
But back to the story. I get home to a disaster of course little before 3pm. Everyone is suppose to be here at 4. Great. I could really use some magic right now. Kaylee is playing on the back yard and starts smiling a saying daddy. Crap. Ryan is home an hour early! I'm covered in chocolate and flour, there are strawberries all over the counter, cake in the oven....the surprise is ruined. Oh well.
He was nice enough to take Kaylee to the park so I can finish everything which helped so much. I moved the party to 4:30 and got done one minute before his sister showed up!
I still don't know how I baked those two cakes, covered all those strawberries in chocolate, cooled them, decorated the cake and cleaned in hour and a half but I did. I guess I do work some magic after all :o)

Happy Birthday again honey, I hope it was a good one. We love you to pieces and want you to know that we are two super blessed girls to have you in our life.

Kaylee and Erika


jenna said...

erika you are so thoughtful!!! i'm so honestly impressed by that cake!!! happy birthday ryan!

Erin said...

that cake is amazing. wait till you see the one I made for Josh. i'll post it eventually. So funny. You are awesome!