Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let it snow

We woke up to this this morning. How beautiful...

And we couldn't resist and took the sled out. Kaylee wasn't big enough last year to really enjoy snow so we wanted to show her how much fun it can be! Oh she really enjoyed herself. That girl loves to be outside no matter how cold it is (which kind of drives me crazy because I have to deal with hysteric crying when I say it's been enough and get her in the car because she is shivering...). Kay also loves to go feed the ducks on campus. She always runs around yelling "ducky" and chases the heck out of those poor things. But hey, at least she has fun right?

sometimes she helps herself to a slice :)

It was great to spend the last day Ryan gets off all three of us together. I really loved having him home for few days. He makes me happy. He loves his girls so much and sure spoils us. Christmas can't get here fast enough so we can have him all to ourselves for almost three weeks!

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