Thursday, November 4, 2010

Better late than never

Yes, I'm talking about Halloween. A week late, but I really want to document this. It was Kaylee's second one but the first one she got to really enjoy because she was still kind of young last year.
I took her to Macey's grocery store in the morning because they were having trick or treat bags for kids and also free balloons which Kaylee is OBSESSED with. Then we went to feed the ducks on campus because Ryan was at work until noon. We came home to put her down for nap and then off to the mall we went. It was busy but so fun. And by the time we came home it stopped raining so Ryan took her trick or treating around our neighborhood and we still have candy in our house from that day :o).
I really think Kaylee had a good time. She was super cute in her BYU cheerleader costume. I couldn't get over how perfect she is.
Hope you all had a good one! Here is proof that my daughter is the cutest cheerleader there ever was ;o)
(she did have pom poms which by the way took me like 2 hours to make, but didn't care for them that much to carry them around. )

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