Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The farm

We had a chance today to go to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point with our friends Stephanie and James. We wanted to take advantage of the weather being so nice the last couple of days and get the kids ended up being super windy and cloudy but we still had a good time. Thanks Steph and James for coming with us! We enjoyed your company and hope to see you soon again!

They look like pretty good friends right? Don't get fooled. Kaylee wasn't the best at sharing, she wouldn't let James play with almost anything. But when he walked away she was watching his every move waiting for him to come back. She does like him :o)

Oh how this girl LOVES horses and ponies. I couldn't get her off that little guy. Can't wait for the spring to come so we can go more often!


Petra said...

That little heroin is not afraid of any animals, I am so proud of her. You go Kaylee!

Jebbie said...

Kaylee looks so cute on that horse! She is so small to be riding one handed!