Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am very lucky. Lucky to have a beautiful wife that loves me, lucky to have good friends that offer to help us move without even asking (Tanner, Brad, German thanks to you all), lucky to have a job and graduate from college.

I rarely post online, either here or on Facebook, but I would like to take a chance to say that I have...

Every year we move at least twice, each time with Erika doing a majority of the packing while I'm studying for my numerous school finals or working during the summer. In addition, not only does Erika get to clean my dirty clothes and pack my things, she has an added bonus of either Kaylee clinging on her or the excitement of refolding clothes after Kaylee knocks it over for the third time.

Last night we stayed at Willie and Michelle's place (they were angels for letting us stay on such short notice and so we could be together before I drove to Texas). We stayed on their twin beds (which their kids sacrificed for us, bless their souls), with Erika on one, me on the second, and Kaylee on the floor. In the morning, I awoke to see my beautiful, pregnant, and sacrificing wife asleep on the floor with Kaylee in the second bed. She did this as Kaylee was waking up, crying each time, and she wanted me to have a good night sleep so I could make the long drive home. My heart broke into a million, rather a billion, pieces. Erika literally is one of the most selfless and benevolent people on this earth. Always concerned about others more then herself, she is literally an angel on earth.

They say behind every great man is a greater woman. Let me be clear, I am by no means a great man, yet I am confident that with Erika behind me and through her love and support, I will become one.

Erika sacrifices every year, without seeking praise, and I often take her for granted. Therefore, it's my pleasure to bestow upon you the Best Wife Ever Award 2011. Thank you Erika, thank you for all you do! Love ya babe!


Our Family said...

That was beautiful Ryan! You really do have an amazing wife! I am normally not a fan of spouses proclaiming their love online but you did it in such a sweet and loving way. I hope all goes well for you guys this summer and that you have a safe travel! Let us know when you get back to Utah if you do come back here! You guys will be missed!!!

Petra said...

You made me cry, I love my sweet sister!