Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day with dad

Ryan went to the dentist this past Monday to get some work done, he went to his meeting after that and surpised us by coming home and spending the day with us and as you can see I wasn't the only one happy to have him home

Doesn't she look so big here?


jenna said...

love it when daddy comes home!!! only five more weeks left for you guys. I AM JEALOUS. and kay looks like a big girl! funny you posted about the feet at the same time i did. great minds think alike :)

Luba said...

To su krasne fotky!!! Cas straveny s ockom je pre Kaylee vzacny a vidiet ze je stastna s nim, ta prva fotka to dokazuje :-) Je prekrasna.
Ako velmi uz vyrastla, je z nej naozaj krasna velka slecna, ako velmi by sme ju chceli vyobjimat. Ale ten cas pride.