Saturday, July 25, 2009


Kaylee has been sitting up all by herself for a couple of weeks now but I wanted her to master her independend sitting a little before I attacked her with the camera. Isn't she doing great? I'm so proud of her!


Luba said...

Kazdy den sa nauci a objavi nieco nove, este nedavno si Ty cica citala taketo knizky. Je velmi sikovna.

jenna said...

she's so good! and so early! quinn is almost 7 months & is getting better every day but is so lazy! little stinker would rather stand up & tries to crawl! such a typical stubborn man. kaylee needs to teach him a thing or two.

Ryan,Erika and Kaylee Pettersson said...

haha he knows what he wants and goes for it huh? See Kay is great sitting up but hates her tummy time...I need to get more tips on how to make it more fun for is TX (except hot of course)