Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun at the park

We love to go to the park every Sunday (the only day Ryan gets off...) and feed the ducks there. It was super hot yesterday so we didn't stay too long but we had enough time to take a few pictures! Kaylee loves loves loves to go outside. She can be fussy and cranky at home but the second I step outside the door with her she is as quite and as happy as can be. We all had a great time and we can't wait for the next Sunday to be here!!

Kaylee loves to spend time with her daddy ;o)

Yes I painted Kaylee's toes.


Luba said...

Dakujeme za fotky, su krasne! Kaylee je zo dna na den vacsia, je velmi sikovna. Ako sedi tatinovi na ruke a ako chodi vo vode, no je zlata. Velmi. Vidiet ze ste stastni a spokojni vsetci traja. Mile fotky, lubime Vas.

The Petterssons said...

What a beautiful baby and cute pictures!

jenna said...

you look great erika! my gosh! and i looooove kaylee's outfit!

Ryan,Erika and Kaylee Pettersson said...

Thanks! I needed to hear something positive ;o)