Saturday, July 11, 2009

How many times

can one mom get peed on in a week? I've put Kaylee on a daily routine a while ago which is working very well except she seems to think that peeing on me every night before she takes her bath is part of it.... I put her on our bed, take her clothes off and open up her diaper (I always leave it underneath her just in case) so she doesn't have to be wrapped up in it 24/7 and I'm sure it feels good for her. So I get the water ready and everything else while she is laying there playing with Coby and NOT peeing and right after I pick her up to take her in the bathroom....she pees all over me. I guess she thinks that that is what I deserve...wish me luck tonight ;o)

she looks so Innocent huh


jenna said...

i have no idea how many times. i just know i've lost count!!! wait till you have a boy! hahaha.
who does she look like?! i can't decide. just oh so cute.

Ryan,Erika and Kaylee Pettersson said...

Yeah I was just thinking about having a boy in the future...that will be interesting but I'll be sooo use to it by then!
She looks like me when I was a baby but everybody says she has Ryan's nose and lips. So I guess she does ha!