Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hospital pictures

I never got to upload these pictures of Khloe when she was just born and I feel really bad about it. I hope she will not be mad at me for it later.....

Looking at these makes me realize how much she has changed and grown. She has lost little bit of hair and filled up (she weights 14 lbs now, chunky little monkey :) ). She still likes to sleep and nap and her absolute favorite is to be held. Oh how she loves to be snuggled!! She actually gets quite worked up if I put her down and leave the room for a minute (usually to help Kaylee). But that doesn't happen that often so I can say that I have one happy baby on my hands. Love you Khloe!!

Is there anything more heavenly than your new born baby?? I think NOT.

Going home!

Taking my baby home!!

(do I look huge or do I look huge?? Don't answer it).

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